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Your Support for Valley Outreach

is STILL Needed 

Many of Valley Outreach's programs have been suspended or modified because of the pandemic but the distribution of food (and assistance where it can be offered) is still going on. Food insecurity has grown as layoffs have soared.


St. Peter's supports the work and programs of Valley Outreach, based in Stillwater, MN, as it serves individuals and families in need throughout our area. Please use the button below to check out the VO website for the latest updates on their needs. And please continue to give whatever you can to support their efforts. Thanks.


A Word Regarding Easter this Year  

We knew Easter was going to be different this year - churches empty, brunch gatherings smaller, the mood more subdued. The holiday somehow seemed less lofty - kind of "deflated" this year.  The disruption to everyday life from the COVID-19 pan-demic didn't stop St. Peter's collection of food and funds for Valley Outreach (VO) this spring.


But we WILL celebrate Easter - just not on April 12th. We will celebrate when we can come together again for worship and when there is news that the major danger of this pandemic has eased (or so we hope!)


Then we will hold hands and mourn what's lost, give thanks for what good we have seen and celebrate the resurrection that God works and is working in our lives, our commun-ities, our nation and our world.


We are a Resurrection People and Alleluia is our song!


Gardening Season Has Arrived!

St. Peter's is the home of the South Hill Community Gardens, a gardening collective of people who love the earth,and all the good things it produces.

All garden boxes have been rented out and new compost added (as it is every other year) with the coordinated efforts of this year's Gardeners (and friends). We welcomed five new Gardeners and helped them get their boxes cleaned up and ready. Now all our Gardeners are at work filling each box with seeds,flowers and vegetable plants.

You are invited to walk by the Gardens to enjoy seeing everything that's growing there. Welcome, Summer 2020! 

We Do Weddings at St. Peter's!

     Are you looking for a lovely and affordable place to hold your wedding ceremony? Consider St. Peter's United Church of Christ!


     Our sanctuary will seat about 100 people with both a piano and an organ. And our pastor enjoys working with couples to make their wedding service personal, with a faith approach that is in tune with your spiritual leanings.


    We have space for dressing and a connected banquet hall with kitchen which is also available for your use. (Alcoholic beverages are allowed on church grounds.) You could even hold your reception outdoors in our large yard with playgrounds for the kids. And your photography would look great under the trees!


   Just give the church a call or use the button below to drop us an email; the pastor will get back to you to talk about holding your perfect wedding at St. Peter's!