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Stewardship Sunday 

November 11th 

Members and church friends at St. Peter's Church are big supporters of the work and ministry of the congregation. In November of each year, every person and/or family is asked to make a financial commitment to support the church in the year ahead.


We know we have been richly blessed at St. Peter's. On Sunday, November 11th, we'll celebrate our joy at the strong  community and many gifts of St. Peter's in worship as we make our promises of support - then enjoy Brunch together. 


Our doors are open to all - members and visitors alike. Please join us.

Yoga at St. Peters 

Join Lynn Hasel, Stillwater-area Registered Yoga Teacher and Certified Ayurveda Practitioner, for a relaxing slow-moving-yoga class each Monday morning at St. Peter's starting at 9 a.m.

Most poses will be practiced on the floor, relaxing into each and allowing time for muscles and connective tissues to be gently and safely extended. Guidance for breathing throughout the class will help bring balance and calmness to the nervous system. The whole ex- perience is refreshing, comforting and de-stressing. 

Take a break from your busy schedule and come and enjoy the peace that this Yoga class will offer you.

Deck The Halls!

Sunday, November 25th

We'll be decking out all areas of St. Peter's Church for Christmas after worship on November 25th. Young and old all pitch in to make the church look festive and bright.


All who stay to help will be treated to pizza when the work is complete. It's a truly fun holiday activity for all!

New Waste Disposal System at St. Peter's

As the popularity of community-wide composting spreads in Washington County, St. Peter's is participating too!

Our new waste disposal system incorporates three components: 1. Trash, 2. Composting and 3. Recycling. The bins for the first two (trash and composting) are smaller, the recycling bin is large as the items that are now able to be recycled has grown as the recycling process has evolved.

Please join us in putting the proper items in the proper containers. We'll be protecting (and using less) of our Earth's resources and practice good stewardship of what we consume..