at St. Peter's United Church of Christ


Get to know some leaders at St. Peter's 

Daniel Harrell, PhD. Interim Minister

A North Carolinian by birth, Daniel moved to New England to attend seminary and stayed for 25 years and pastored churches in New Hampshire and Boston. In 2010, he moved to Minnesota to serve a third congregation before departing to be editor in chief for a religious magazine. A widower and dad to a delightful teenager, as well as an author, teacher, psychologist, avid cook and outdoor lover, Daniel currently serves as a hospice chaplain and our interim pastor.

Our Church Council 

St. Peter's is led by a group of eight church members who make up the Council. They envison the church's work and future, bring the various parts of the church's functions together and are cheerleaders and active participants in its worship, service and learning. 




We are building a strong, multigenerational faith community. 

Our Mission  

The people of St. Peter's UCC are called by God to devote ourselves to the advancement of God's realm, working locally and globally. We will practice the Christian life and support and celebrate each other's spiritual journeys.  


Here's what we claim as important. 

We are part of the United Church of Christ, a Church of "first's".  

We are proud to be a part of the United Church of Christ - a progressive Protestant denomination of the Christian Church. A denomination of "firsts", the United Church of Christ was among the first to ordain women and LGBTQ persons, to advocate for care of the environment and to call for protection and fair access rights in broadcasting to the public. Today, the UCC is out in front calling for racial and economic justice. 

We are an open and affirming congregation.  

St. Peter's is an open and affirming congregation welcoming all people, regardless of race, gender identity, sexual orientation, marital status, age, mental and physical ability and ethnic or socio-economic background, into the full faith and ministry of this Church. 

We believe that God is still speaking. 

God still speaks in our world today - so we are listening. We hear God speaking in scripture and in contemporary writings of all kinds and all faiths. We hear God speaking in moments of worship and prayer and in the voices of those who protest in public places for justice and care for the most vulnerable today including the natural environment.  

We are called to be the church. 

We are called to be the church - to be God's love, shown to us by Jesus, in the world. We show compassion and care for all creation. We offer an extravagrant welcome to people of all ages and practice generous giving in places where there is need. 


Come as you are

A comfortable atmosphere, a warm welcome, space to pray and ponder, enthusiastic worship and a life-affirming message ,  an opportunity to give of yourself and use your abilities to show caring and build genuine community within the walls and beyond the boundaries of St. Peter’s.