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We Support Valley Outreach - 

and We Hope You do Too 

Valley Outreach, based in Stillwater, MN, is a key St. Croix Valley resource for serving people in need. The pandemic has increased the need for their services:


       - for food

       - for help with clothing

       - for assistance in identifying and navigating the

              systems in place at other social service and 

              government providers who might offer what's



St. Peter's supports the work and programs of Valley Outreach as it serves individuals and families in need throughout our area. Please use the button below to check out the VO website for the latest updates on what they offer - and what giving (financial or otherise) you can do to help them fulfill these purposes. 

For all YOU choose to do for others in need through Valley Outreach - thank you!

In the Aftermath of the 2020 Election...  

Last November's national election brought many voices and much protest to our nation. As people of faith, we know love of neighbor means we need to take seriously our responsibility to care and be respectful toward our neighbors and all those impacted by our nation's policies.  

We are called to a high standard of engagement and interaction with our fellow citizens of the United States, acting as Jesus - whom we follow - would act. To do that when the atmosphere is hot and our exchanges with others can get heated can be difficult.

The United Church of Christ has prepared a short resource titled, "Being a Civil Voice in Uncivil Times". (Use the button below to view and read it.) It can be a valuable resource as you try to calmly engage in conversations with others about the election and all that has followed.

    "Let there be peace on earth - and let it begin with me."

St. Peter's is a W.I.S.E. Congregation

In 2019, St. Peter's Church was designated as a W.I.S.E. congregation in the United Church of Christ - only the second church among UCC churches in the state of Minnesota. 

Maintaining good mental health can be challenging even in the best of times. Many mental health issues are coming to the fore as we move through this COVID-19 pandemic. St. Peter's is the place where all people are welcome, supported and included in positive and healthy ways.  

What's your mental health challenge? What could St. Peter's do to support you as you as you try to find your balance, go forward with you life and find satisfaction and joy?

Drop us an email and let us know. We'll try to locate some resources and connect you to them. In the meanwhile, best wishes, stay strong and know that the folks at St. Peter's care about you and your needs. Please be in touch!     

Recycle, Repurpose, Reuse - Our Environmental Philosophy at St. Peter's Church

While activity at St. Peter's is reduced due to the COVID-19 pandemic restrictions on worship and other large gatherings St. Peter's continues to practice good stewardship by composting, recycling and minimizing the waste materials produced by the Church. 

Environmental concern has been on our radar since we first started recycling paper and plastics in the 1970's. With three rain gardens on our lawn, a butterfly garden by our door, a community garden in our green space - indoors and out, we seek to keep our footprint small and our practices of care for our church and grounds careful and environmental safe. 

We invite you to join us in doing the same. Let's take good care of the good Earth we've been given.