A Proposal for Possible Merger of St. Peter’s UCC

with People’s Congregational Church

January 30, 2023


The congregations of St. Peter’s UCC and People’s Congregational Church, by faith, have voted to pursue the creation of a new consolidated congregation.

The new congregation would affirm:


  • the love and intimacy of small church community;
  • the inclusiveness, justice and mission-mindedness of progressive UCC, Christian theology;
  • the power and grace of Christian worship;
  • the raising up and teaching of new generations to follow the way of Christ;
  • a commitment to mission among the St. Croix River Valley community.


A Task Force has been established with Rolf Dittmann, Kathy Iverrson and Walt Richey representing People’s, and Kaira Bettin, Kathleen Dennison and Fritz West representing St. Peter’s. Dr. Daniel Harrell will lead in a consulting role with participation by Rev. Clare Gromoll. The Task Force intends to present a new congregation covenant to both churches for approval by Easter Sunday, 2023 (April 9).


A new congregation covenant will affirm areas of essential agreement (as listed above), and propose:


  • a working name for the new congregation;
  • a governing structure, articles of incorporation and by-laws;
  • a priority list of decisions for the new congregation to address, including but not limited to:
  • how to best steward property and resources;
  • Sunday worship practices;
  • strategy and mission priorities;
  • spiritual development for all members;
  • spiritual program priorities.


Church members of St. Peter’s and People’s would reaffirm their commitment by joining the new congregation at its launch. The new congregation members will pledge their active involvement for at least eighteen months after the new congregation launches—attending worship, participating in church life, giving financially and praying for the new church. The St. Peter’s UCC building will remain in place during this period, with no execution of sale, donation or demolition.

If a covenant is approved and affirmed by both churches, the task force will work out necessary legal arrangements during the summer of 2023. The new congregation will launch on October 1, 2023 with The Rev. Clare Gromoll as its first pastor. Dr. Daniel Harrell will stay on to assist the launch, if needed, until December 10, 2023.


St. Croix Kids will continue to lease their space at St. Peter’s through this process.


Should either congregation fail to affirm the proposed covenant, St. Peter’s UCC will dissolve on September 24, 2023.



Questions and input? Please email Pastor Daniel at pastor@stpetersstillwater.org